Welcome to The Reef

For those of you who find solace in reading, we already have one thing in common. If writing is your passion, then we are kindred spirits in a world seen only through the mind’s eye.  When I was five years old,  I awoke to a small blue typewriter with plastic keys waiting for me beneath the Christmas tree.  I have been writing ever since.

Not always finding it easy to express myself, I use writing as a tool to work out my feelings and narrow my focus. This helps put things into perspective and has given me the courage to face my most difficult obstacles over the years.   Sometimes a story or poem is sprung from that well of emotion, and the pearls that are born during this process can be discovered here.  Within my head is an ocean with schools of ideas and thoughts swimming against a constant current; at the bottom of that ocean the water loses it’s turbulence, and the sand begins to settle.  Here lies the coral reef.

My goal is to extract what lives within the coral reef.  Those thoughts laced with dreams, entangled within memories and emotions, fears and monsters, are the kinds of things I plan to embrace and splash across the following pages.  I hope to bring the full spectrum of my imagination out of the darkness and into the light where it really shines.

I welcome any and all critique, be it positive or negative.  Let’s just call it constructive. It will help me grow as a writer, and perhaps we can all take something from it.   This is the path I have chosen on my journey to self discovery.  Would you like to swim along?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Reef

  1. You have a very neat and pretty blog, I love the design. I’m more attracted to pictures and photographs, than to writing, but it’s not linked to you, but to my personal preferences. I do love the photographs you are presenting here, and I look forward to see more of them. Thank you for following my blog, and good luck with everything !


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