Suicide II

A lonely tear

Falls silently to the ground,

Reflecting the dreams

That are yet to be found.

An unreal smile

Presiding the pain,

A heart welded together

Holding inside it the shame.

A puddle of blood

Grows deeper on the floor,

Until the fear inside her

Exists no more.

Her motionless body

Grows paler in the light,

As reality swims away

And she begins to lose sight.

Her bloody palms splayed before her,

Releasing the sin.

And the images of death

Are portrayed in the end.




Little fiery ball of rage

Burning so bright

Aching head

Teeth and fists clenched tight

What is this writhing gnarly monster

I constantly have to fight?

The world is spinning out of my grasp

And just before I suffocate I remember to