Full Circle


Harmony in rising sun

Awake to light of day

Dreams reflecting and fading

Character witnesses nature

Open eyes wide and smile

Road winding endlessly

Awaiting dreams distant


Distant dreams awaiting

Endlessly winding road

Smile and wide eyes open

Nature witnesses character

Fading and reflecting dreams

Day of light to awake

Sun rising in harmony



Magnetism of memory

As the present unfolds

Not knowing yet

What the future holds

Let it go

Let open wounds be mended

And darkness lead to light

Recognize the emptiness

In things we hold so tight

Let it go

Relinquish the burden of time

Death is not the end

Be thankful for what you have

And today will be your friend

Let go

Salvation Found

With her eyes to the future

She thought twice

Considered the consequences

Reflected on the wise


With her hands in the wind

She screamed out

If you believe in something

Say it loud


With her head in the clouds

She dreamed large

Refusing to follow along

To her own rhythm she’d march


With a smile on her face

The tears trickled down

Victory bells in the distance

Her salvation was found