Antique blue and china white

Pepper sea like baby’s breath

Dreams flash, evaporate with tide

Eyes on you last night, just a sigh

Face faded long before opening eyes

Swell, go with it

Along for the ride

Splash in the puddle

Drowns out all other noise

Stinger leaves an after-burn

Treasure the feeling now before the words change

Before the page makes a turn


Say Anything

I’m starting a new category here at the Reef.  The name of the category is Say Anything.  The idea is to pick a random quote from one of my books and write whatever comes to mind when I read it.   Each post will start with the chosen sentence in quotations and it’s author.  I think this will be a good way to generate new ideas, express my thoughts, and help you (dear reader) get to know me a little better. Get ready, because I’m bound to say anything…

Summer Rain

Reflected in a slick black winding river

Serpent green against silver white sky

clouds caressing mountaintop lost in sweet embrace

Soft beating rain gives birth to rising steam

Open and be filled with a moist warm breeze

Fresh breath recycled air from earth now clean