Sometimes I wish I was free,

like the ocean in me.

Instead I feel the tide

wash up inside.

Hold my breath and count to ten,

open my eyes,

I’m me again.

Taste the sand

beneath my feet,

close my eyes,

envision easy street.

The world is a dome,

I keep sliding down,

like the smile on my face,

easily mistaken for a frown.

Feel your breath,

and take it in.


I’m free again.




Ash rains

Like fallen snow

The sky darkens

And blankets the earth below

Ocean reclaims land

And structures on which we stand

Eruption of fury

left by man

Slate wiped clean

The new cycle begins


Sun sinking

Moon rising

Sky drinking ocean

Tomorrow the sky spits the ocean back at us


Sleepy sun setting

Droopy eyes drifting

Soon to slumber

Drifting off to dreamland

Virtual world vacation

Wanting no wake


Breathe bouncing back

Emission of energy

Wounds wrapped

Soul smiling