Sometimes I wish I was free,

like the ocean in me.

Instead I feel the tide

wash up inside.

Hold my breath and count to ten,

open my eyes,

I’m me again.

Taste the sand

beneath my feet,

close my eyes,

envision easy street.

The world is a dome,

I keep sliding down,

like the smileĀ on my face,

easily mistaken for a frown.

Feel your breath,

and take it in.


I’m free again.




There’s a thumping all around,

But it’s just the sound

Of my heart.

The low breathing of a fan,

Thoughts catch in my throat,

Ideas bounce and tumble inside my head,

Letters cling to the tip of my pen,

A blank page shudders beneath my hand,

Sunlight tap-dances upon shimmering sand.

I open my eyes to a verse,

My ear captures the sound,

Broken path behind

Makes the words come alive,

Nakedness comes to light,

Shimmering silver night,

In love’s happiness,


I’m an open book,

An open mind,

I open my heart

To receive the full spectrum,

Harmony resounds

Like a whisper,

And I am found.